The Kamchatka King Crab

More about this sea giant


The Kamchatka King Crab is the most sought-after crab in the world for the delicacy of its flesh loaded with marine flavors. It is fished in the purest tradition since 1870 and is considered as the largest crustacean in the world. The finest specimens can weigh 15 kg for a wingspan of 2 meters. There are several species: red (the most common), blue, brown, golden. They all live in the Northern Pacific Ocean and in the Bering Sea (off the coasts of Alaska). Most of these crabs came from the Japan Sea, while a minority came from the Okhotsk Sea, off the Kamchatka. This is why they are called “Kamchatka Crabs”. Today, we find the King Crab on the most beautiful tables of the gastronomic scene. For the first time, a Parisian establishment gives it a place of honor on its menu and makes it possible to discover this product in all its forms.

Pacific Ocean

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